Company history - Solidaris - bezpieczny transport niebezpiecznych ładunków

The activity conducted from early 1990’s within the transportation and trade domain. 25.05.1995 the company of Paweł Groeger
– the father and Bernard Groeger – the son was established under the business name P.U.H. (trade and service company) Grotrans with the seat in Łany, Poland – operating in the transport and forwarding market. In the same time, a Service and Trade Company Gromsped was established with its seat in Łany, Poland which is a wholesale and retail trader of liquid and solid fuels and agricultural production aids. Meanwhile, other family members of the Groeger family were being employed in both companies. The following years were marked with a dynamic development of both companies, consisting in doubling their annual turnovers. Generated profits allowed vast expansion of both companies.

On 09.09.2003 on the foundations of the so far existing activity

a limited liability company was formed under the business name Solidaris Spółka z o.o. which consists of the five siblings of the Groeger clan.

In 2008 we have achieved the Certificate of Managing and Quality PN-EN ISO 9001:2000. At the moment we are implementing the System of Managing the Environment Quality PN-EN ISO 14001:2004. For all the time we strived to confirm with our clients that we are trustworthy and reliable company. Today after several years of activity, we are satisfied that our clients appreciate us and like to use our services.